RAW現像ソフトウェア Luminar でのシグネチャープリセットが販売されました。

Tokyo Portrait

Renowned Tokyo-based photographer Akiomi Kuroda was once an accomplished software engineer. But he preferred to be an artist struggling with important aspects of photography. How much art is in photography? That’s the essence of his craft — to create works of art in his own, authentic way.

A successful Japanese commercial photographer, Akiomi Kuroda is drawn to the cinematic. “I’d say that you can find a lot of compositional hints in cinematography,” Akiomi says. His models pose in natural and artistic ways while we admire them through the eyes of the man behind the camera, trying to solve the hidden mysteries of their fleeting glances.

His photos capture the drama and sensuality of young women immersed in a world of their own. Their magnetism and reflectivism make us long to see more, to understand their feelings. The settings are simple, yet without those simple walls and rooms, the compositions would be incomplete.

“I love to capture dramatic moments of daily life,” says Akiomi, and we can see that clearly in the unique atmosphere of the Signature Preset Pack he has created especially for Luminar. This pack will allow you to enter the world of the unspoken, the hidden gestures, and find a hint of the dramatic in the everyday urban life of Tokyo.

The Tokyo Portrait preset pack includes 13 presets that you can download and use in Luminar.


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